Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Top five impactful movies by AyushmannKhurrana

Bollywood has always amazed us with some of the most impactful movies and there are many great names attached to these movies.

Whenever we talk about AyushmannKhurrana, names of some of the highly impactful movies come to our mind. He has been able to impact the Indian cinema with his performance since he began his acting career. So here are the top five impactful movies by him.

Vickey Donor

This has been Ayushmann’s debut film and an impactful one as well. He played the role of a sperm donor who donated sperm in order to get quick money. With this movie and his natural acting he normalized the act that is generally frowned upon in Indian society. His performance in the film led the film to earn the title of Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment in the 60th National Film Awards.

Badhai Ho

Badhai ho is another film by Ayushmann that showed the pregnancy of two middle-aged couples who happen to be his parents. He plays the role of a 25 year old son and shows a transformation from a resentful son to a supporting one. In the end he stood against the society and accepted what his parents had done and normalized it.

Article 15

The name of this movie is derived from Article 15 of the Indian constitution that prohibits any discrimination against people on the basis of race, cast, religion, or sex. In the movie he played the role of an additional superintendent of police and investigated the case of murders of two dalit girls, which other police officers refused to investigate as they were from low cast. The movie showed the importance of Article 15 and portrayed the harsh reality of rural India.


In this movie Ayushmann played the role of a gay man who fought against the society and family to be with his lover. The movie was about accepting a person for who they are and respecting their sexual preference. The character played by him gave justice to the film that portrayed a sweet relationship between two men and their fight against the social stigma.

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui

Ayushmann in this movie too broke the social stigma about sexual preference and orientation of a person. In the movie he fell in love with a woman but later on got to know that the woman was a man in her early life. She always looked at herself as a woman and finally she came out as a woman. This fact was hard to digest for Ayushmann at first, but as the film progressed the transformation of his thought process came into existence and finally, he accepted her and their love story began.

These are the top five impactful movies acted by our all-time favourtieAyushmannKhurrana