Published By: Jayati


Beauty in visual art form is not absolutely essential but it nonetheless attracts the viewer towards it!

Cinema is a medium that is defined usually by visual beauty, at least that is what gives the art form a conscious level of appreciation. There are many other factors in the art form such as sound which leaves a deep subconscious effect on the viewers without which the image isn’t complimented and montage which juxtaposes both the visual and sound. Yet in this medium many works have been produced since its inception a lot of brilliant works of art have gone unnoticed. Beautiful and cinematically rich works that can make you think differently about the very medium. These pieces are very rare and not many people except the core fans and lovers of cinema have heard of them, these works can be your secret and you can use any frames from these works as a reference point and framing guide to learn and understand the craft of the medium.

Some of the works that are not that unheard of are commonplace in film studies curriculums and syllabus but would be unknown to your average movie goer. The list includes works from all eras of cinema, such as the old silent era and also modern films which are yet to be discovered by a larger audience. Some of these works will require you to find them and search considerably as finding a good print to watch might really be difficult due to its rarity.

Ashes and Snow

The first work on this list is a documentary and is a meditative work on life and human nature shot in a monochrome tone. The visuals of this work are absolutely breathtaking and will captivate audiences with its visual splendour. The ever-present voice-over also becomes a guide with a serene and calming pitch.

Colour of Pomegranates

This is one of the most visually outstanding films ever made, beautiful would be a massive understatement. Created by one of the foremost imagists in the history of the medium Sergei Parajanov this a biography of a poet, and also takes the form of a visual poem itself.

On the Silver Globe

Another hauntingly beautiful and dystopic work made by one the most well known Polish artists Andrzej Zulawski. The work is a massive study of human forms and its association with the environment.

This is not Burial, It’s a Resurrection

The only recent work on this list, This is not a Burial, It’s a Resurrection, makes use of the medium in splendid ways blending old and new technique to present a story of human vigour and fortitude.