Published By: Orna Ghosh

5 times when MCU fans felt the adrenaline rush.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) studio took 10 years and 23 blockbuster movies to give a whole new structure to pop culture. It started with Iron man making his first suit of armour and ended with him resting and this was considered as an end of an era. But the MCU fans re-watched certain scenes from the saga and felt that adrenaline rush all over again.

“I am Iron man”- Tony Stark. 

This scene is from the first movie of Iron man when Tony was attending a press conference. He was asked to read a written statement in which he denies any involvement in the preceding events. But he decides to go off track when a reporter questions his statement in which he said that the man in the suit was a bodyguard and decides to reveal his identity.

“I am always angry”- Bruce Banner

During the first Avengers team-up movie, the group gathers up to fight Loki and his army in New York. Bruce Banner shares his anger management techniques while he turns Hulk and smashes the alien monster which is followed by the circle shot where the Avengers come together for an epic pose as they get ready to fight Loki and his army.

Thor’s Arrival in Wakanda

This is the iconic scene from Avengers infinity war. Thanos and his army’s arrival in Wakanda left the team and the Wakandan army in peril. Meanwhile, the arrival of Thor with a new axe to beat down Thanos was the most replayed scenes ever. When Thor said, “Bring me Thanos” was a cue for all the hooting and cheering by the MCU community.

The Snap

After Thanos kills Vision and acquires all the 6 infinity stones, he was desperately stopped by the avengers from snapping that would wipe off half the population. Although Thor stabs his chest this does not stop him from snapping his fingers. It still leaves all of us devastated while watching our favourite superheroes turn into dust.

“Avengers… assemble” – Captain America

From Captain holding Mjollnir to the portal scene, Avengers Endgame gave us numerous reasons to re-watch the whole movie as it is difficult to judge which one scene is the most ironic among all. Regardless of the high bar, this one scene manages to top among the rest. One of the highly expected phrases that were left unfinished in the movie Avengers and the age of Ultron, left the fans tizzy until the Endgame.