Fictional houses that you could move into

You have seen and love these houses in the fictional setting; now you can fulfil your dream of living in them.

We all have a dream house in your mind. That house could be inspired bya house you have seen, or sometimes a fictional house manages to capture your imagination. These fictional houses would forever be etched in our dreams, and we may never be able to fulfill them. But there are many lucky ones who realized their dreams by living in their dream houses. Here are some of the fictional houses you can move into.

The dreamy and charming house from the movie “Up”

The dreamy house that made our hearts go aww is currently not in Paradise Falls, where Carl Fredrickson apparently flew his house. The house is actually in Utah and was made by Bangerter Homes, which has due permission from Disney. The houses were a rage amidst movie fans, and many got their hand on their dream house. Carl and Ellie’s dream house was sold at $400,00, and it came with a basement bedroom designed like Andy’s room from Toy Story.

The Simpson’s house

In the year 1997, as a part of a promotion, Pepsi, Fox, and Kaufman & Broad builder were part of a contest where people had a chance to win fully furnished Simpson’s house. Every detail was kept in mind, and the house was an exact replica of the iconic television show. But unfortunately, the winner didn’t share the same enthusiasm for the house as was expected and opted to take 75000 dollars in cash instead of the house. But nonetheless, the house was finally sold in the year 2001 to an avid fan who cherished it more than the contest winner.

Barbie’s beach house

We all loved Barbie dollhouses in our childhood and dreamt of living in them. But now, a Barbie fan living in Ukraine can make this dream a reality. To commemorate Barbie’s 50th birthday, Mattel commissioned designer Jonathan Adler to make a real-life Malibu beach house. The house is still on sale as we speak. So, Barbie lover, what are you waiting for?

 Tron inspired house

In order to promote Tron: Legacy in the year 2011, Disney collaborated with DuPont and made a Grid house, which was inspired by the movie in Milan. The house was on display for a week during the Milan Fashion Week. The house was equipped with all modern amenities and had an addition of a wellness area in the house.

So, which is your favourite fictional house?