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Consumption of Lemon Juice: When and How To Lose Weight

Even a small lemon can bring about big changes

Obesity and heavyweight are undoubtedly some of the greatest challenges in today’s ‘stay busy and fit’ life. Dealing with several techniques of losing weight might have finally led you to ‘have a semi-fast session. But the low amount of diet or half-fasting might impact your nutrition in such a bad way that you start losing your physical and mental strength and efficiencies. What’s the way then? Don’t worry about losing the necessary nutrients while having a strict diet, if you consume lemons regularly! Lemon! Getting surprised? Let’s see how it helps.

Lemon: Its Goodness as it is

The calorie level of lemon is significantly low while the amount of vitamins present in it is high enough. And thus, while adding lemon water to your diet chart along with opting for a regular course of trained and disciplined exercise, the former would add all the necessary nutrients that you may miss because of the strictness of the diet and the latter would balance the calories. Rich in vitamin C, the lemon has other main components, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, sodium, potassium, selenium, vitamin B-6, thiamine, vitamin-A, carotene alpha and beta et cetera.

Benefits: Lemon helps digestion

After a certain age, when people usually start to have a reduction in their digestion capacity, consuming a glass of lemon water regularly might help digest the food. This comes with the presence of a fibre known as pectin that not only helps in digesting food but also reduces the blood sugar level.

Help with hydration: Essentially adds to weight loss journey

The chemical and physiological functioning of the body depends upon the hydration process a lot. The lemon water keeps the hydration of your body at the perfect level. It is the vitamin C, present in the lemon water that reduces the effects of cortisol in the body and thus gives proper hydration. Enriched in vitamin C, the lemon water helps keep your skin better. Being a good hydrator too helps in keeping your skin tone in check.

For kidney issues: Ways to keep your body functioning at optimum

The lemon plays the role of a good antioxidant. It helps in flushing away unnecessary chemicals and even substances like kidney stones. That is the reason why lemon water is always prescribed for patients suffering from kidney-related issues.

Debapriya Chakraborty

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