Few ridiculously expensive restaurants menu dishes in the world

To people who are always looking at the prices on the menu items and who debate about getting drinks or side dishes. And who skip desserts to budget their meal. Go through the list, feel and live carelessly for once without the fear of over-budgeting.

Have you ever thought, how costly a menu dish can be? Restaurants are always experimenting with presenting something completely new and unique. Some restaurants are known to serve dishes that are cost-efficient and would give you value for money. But there are many restaurants that are serving sheer decadence on a plate, and these dishes can cost you a fortune. So, let’s have a look at some ridiculously expensive restaurant menu dishes in the world.

Fortress stilt fisherman indulgence

This decadent sweet delicacy is served in the Fortress Resort and Spa, Galle, Sri Lanka. It is known as the costliest dessert in the world, with a price tag of whopping 14,500 dollars. The dessert features a stilt fisherman, which is handcrafted with the finest chocolate. It is flavoured with Bailey’s Irish Cream and has Italian cassata in its base. It is served with pomegranate and mango compote and is beautified with a classic gold leaf. It is served in the finest handmade glass cutlery.

Billion-dollar popcorn

How much does the biggest bucket of popcorn costs you in the cinema halls? Berco’s popcorn is selling a 6.5-gallon tin for 2500 dollars. Yes, a bucket of popcorn. And before you ask does it have a unicorn’s horn or tears of fairies, the popcorns are covered with caramel and gold flakes. Above all, it is seasoned with the rarest of rare laeso salt. But if you want to indulge, then please know that the proceeds go to a food bank that feeds about 200 people.

Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain

Sublimotion is situated in elusive, hard rock hotel in Ibiza. It is known as the world’s first gastronomic performance art. The eating experience here is surreal, as it has a unique mix of augmented and virtual reality and food gives you a taste of the dining experience that is unlike any other. The food is specially prepared by renowned Chef Paco Roncero. You can enjoy the food which would entice your all five senses for the exclusive price of 2000 dollar per person.

So, what do you think? Would you spend a fortune on food?