Some secrets you never knew about your restaurant server

Please don’t stuff used napkins in empty glasses, and nothing irks your server more.

Whenever we visit any restaurant, the décor and food take most of our attention, but we generally ignore the most important person who is responsible for bringing the yummy food and drinks. They are the people who make sure that you have a great time at their restaurant. And that for sure is not an easy job to do. They get your order on time, see that you are comfortable and sometimes have to take care of some difficult customers. But do we know all their secrets? Well, you are here for a treat as we present you some of the secrets of restaurant servers that you might not know.

Your tip is not for one person only.

There is a reason why you must be generous with your tips to your servers; your tip is not meant your server alone but rather many people along with him/her. It can go from people who are working in the kitchen to workers who run food from the kitchen. So, be generous and have an even better service next time.

Kid’s meals are sometimes full of sugar.

Often servers put some extra sugar in kid’s meal. Many restaurant kitchen staff and servers revealthat in order to make kids like food, even more a bit of sugar never hurts. So much so that even kid’s pizza on the menu have extra sugar in its dough. So, next time if your kid is literally begging you to go to a certain restaurant, you probably know the reason.

Want to hear some juicy gossip?Your server knows it all.

If you are one of those, who love gossip and are always interested in what is going around,then we would suggest that you befriend your server. Trust us; servers know everything that goes around the restaurant.

Today’s specials are the things they want to finish first.

While chef’s specials are usually the dishes, the chef is most confident about and isthe most spectacular dish on the menu. But many times, these are dishes that are not selling much and are going to go bad soon. So, in order to clear out the stock, they advertise it as chef’s special.

Things your servers hate.

There are many things that your server hate, one of them is sticking napkins and other junk in empty glasses and when you try to help them by pilling plates for them. You don’t help but instead create more mess for them.

So, which of these you didn’t know about?