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Five Bow Tie Trends For Men That Can Make You Look Dapper

If you don’t like your tie dipping in your food and getting stained, switch to bow ties to eliminate that problem in style.

Bow ties add the ultimate refinement to those special-event outfits. Sometimes those standard neckties are just not enough. Commonly paired with a tuxedo, bow ties are an all-time favorite of dapper dandies, showcasing their elegant style. Bow ties are a must-have formal accessory that can complete a man’s wardrobe. Check out some bow tie trends that can make you the showstopper in the upcoming big event.

Butterfly bow tie

This bow tie looks like a butterfly — the knot is considerably smaller, and the shape of the bow resembles the wings of a butterfly — featuring straight edges. Pro tip: instead of opting for a large size, pick a medium-sized bow that can complement the shape of your face and the outfit. For instance, if you have a smaller face, consider picking a smaller and more classic shape. Remember, bow tie sizing is key.

Batwing bow tie

This bow tie features a bigger knot. Batwing bow ties have a rectangular shape, and it gets slimmer near the neckband. This style might seem a little dull to those men who prefer jazzing up their appearance to make a bold statement. For formal events, these bow ties are considered quite appropriate.

Linen Bow Tie

Linen bow ties are a must-have for people attending an event at a place with a warmer climate or for those who live in warmer places. Sometimes they are blended with wool or silk, offering a summery vibe, and even when it wrinkles, linen bow ties look sophisticated. These usually have lighter colors, and sometimes they feature a warp in white to add a summery character. You can style a linen bow tie with a fresco suit, seersucker, or even a linen suit.

Paisley Bow Tie

Cheer for the all-time classic bow tie that features a distinctive pattern extracted from India. This stunning pattern is revived to stylize menswear. It is a type of micro-pattern with an evergreen impression, and it will never go out of style, and paisley bow ties complement all types of formal suits.

Diamond point bow tie

Diamond point bow ties have an asymmetrical shape, and they look different every time you style them. It is tied in such a way that the pointed edges appear at the back and front of the bow tie, and they face opposite directions. Diamond bow ties are ideal for daywear, and they flatter every face shape.

It is time to try something new and look debonair in these stylish bow ties.