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How To Pick The Best Cologne: A Guide To Men's Fragrances

Choosing a cologne that best suits you can be tricky!

A little knowledge of the wily ways of understanding and exploring the best cologne fragrances can get you closer to having a signature scent. Having a signature fragrance is not just important for boosting your confidence, it is also about being informed about what suits you most. So, without further ado, let us dive into the world of fragrances and colognes for men.

Explore the notes 

Having an understanding of the core fragrance notes can help you attach them to a specific vibe or mood that you wish to exude. Indeed some notes signify different moods to different people, but you can still find a cologne fragrance that is universally pleasing and is especially soothing to your olfactory senses.

Understand the cologne types

Every scent is classified based on its concentration percentage — the ratio of oils to alcohol or water used in the solution. A proper understanding of this concentration will enable you to pick a scent and determine how much of it you should apply. There are four types of concentrations: Eau de Parfum (concentrations of 15 to 20 percent) typically last 4 to 6 hours; Eau de Toilettes (concentrations of 10 to 15 percent) last 2 to 3 hours; Eau de Cologne (concentrations of 3 to 8 percent) have weaker scents; Aftershave (concentrations of 1 to 3 percent).

Skip the rubbing and mist technique when choosing fragrances

The misting technique is ineffective. You spritz the scent in the air and walk into it, but this technique does not work. Also, spraying the fragrance on your wrist and rubbing it together only destroys the dainty balance of the cologne. Fragrances constitute various notes that operate in unison, and you change its chemistry by rubbing your wrists together and destroying the essence of the fragrance.

Weigh niche against the mass appeal

If you pick a fragrance with mass appeal, you will most likely end up smelling like at least three other men in the street. The only upside of choosing a common fragrance is that you are wearing a “safe” perfume, and most people will like it. But some people prefer having a signature scent that they like keeping to themselves.

Know the classics

If you are familiar with the best classic fragrances, you know the framework from which you can choose your own scent.

When you find the best fragrance for yourself, commit to it.