Published By: Darielle Britto

Regal hairstyles to make you look like royal

These hairstyles offer a lot of sophistication.

Indulge in luxurious hairstyles that radiate sophistication and take your look to a regal level. Whether influenced by historical monarchs or modern royal icons, these hairstyles effortlessly embody the essence of refined elegance. Embrace the majestic charm and intricate detailing in each regal style, empowering you to command attention with poise. Transform your appearance with these enchanting and poised hairstyling choices, experiencing the regal touch in a simple yet sophisticated way.

Loose waves

Enhance your hair with soft waves that add volume and dimension. This look also beautifully complements your cheekbones with a centre part. This look is ideal for an elegant dinner. To achieve this look, you will need a curling iron, hairspray, and a heat protectant. Begin by applying a heat protectant to wet hair, then divide it into two sections down the middle. Curl each section of hair with the curling iron, and repeat the process for the entire hair. Spritz some hairspray to set the waves in place and, for a casual touch, gently run your fingers through the hair, creating a voluminous and effortlessly chic appearance.

Twisted low bun

Emanating elegance and grace, the timeless low bun earns its place on your list of formal hairstyle choices. Gather your essentials: bobby pins, a fascinator, texturizing spray, and hair elastics. Begin by applying texturizing spray to your hair. Select a section of your hair from either end, twist it, and bring the twists to the back of your head, securing them with hair elastics. Then, gather all your hair and fashion it into a low bun, ensuring a polished appearance. Secure the bun in place with bobby pins, adding the finishing touch to this sophisticated and refined hairstyle.

Off-center parted blow out

Achieve lustrous and shiny hair with a blowout. You will need a round brush, blow dryer, smoothing serum, and a tail comb. Begin by rough drying your washed, wet hair upside down using a high-powered blow dryer and a square vent brush or your hands, laying the foundation for a voluminous, bouncy blowout. Avoid using round brushes on wet hair to prevent tangling. Once your hair is a bit dry, wrap the ends around the round brush while blow-drying for a bouncy, rounded effect. Use a tail comb to create a precise part right above the centre point of your left or right eyebrow. Finish by applying smoothing serum throughout your hair to rehydrate, tame frizz, and enhance shine.

French braid low bun

Achieve a stylish French braided low bun that seamlessly complements an elegant and refined ensemble. For this look, you will need a heat protectant, a straightening iron, dry texturizing spray, texturizing spray, hair elastics, bobby pins, and hairspray. Begin by applying the heat protectant to your hair and then straighten it for a polished texture. Spritz dry texturizing spray for added hold. Divide your hair into three vertical sections. Create a low ponytail with the middle section, rolling it into a bun and securing it with bobby pins. French braid the front-left section, incorporating additional hair with each stitch. Secure the end with a hair elastic, then drape it across the bun and pin it on the opposite side. Repeat the process on the right side. Finish by spraying hairspray to ensure your chic updo holds.