Published By: Satavisha

Five Sensory Toys That Are Excellent for Autistic Children: Find Out How They Can Help

Playtime for children is very important — but it is not just about having fun. Games allow children to get creative and imaginative.

Autism is often accompanied by sensory problems. Therefore, sensory toys are specifically designed to stimulate all five senses of a child: sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Every autistic child is different, and they require a different set of playthings for their development and to match their skills and ability. Sensory toys can help kids evolve their senses in a natural and safe environment. Explore some sensory toys and how they can help autistic children.

Chew Toys

Parents commonly use chew toys for infants, especially during their teething phase, but they are also excellent for autistic children. They are made of a silicone-like material that is non-toxic and safe for children. Chew toys are available in various textures like ridges, and dots and can be smooth too. These sensory toys help develop a child’s chewing and biting skills and offer sensory stimulation.

Sensory Mats

Sensory mats are available in small sizes, and they use various textures. Children with autism can use their feet and hands to play and feel the different textures. Ask your little one to close their peepers and touch the mats and describe what they sense and feel.

Slime, Sand, or Putty

These are some of the most useful sensory toys you can buy for your child. Slime, putty, or sand will allow your kid to develop their fine motor skills. They can play with putty, slime, or sand alone or even incorporate other objects. Also, these play substances are brightly colored and enticing to the visual senses.

Fidget Spinners

Most likely, you are already aware of what fidget spinners are, but did you know that this fun toy can help children concentrate by keeping their hands engaged? Fidget spinners are not just an incredible plaything for autistic children, it also helps children with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder). The fast and smooth spinning of the fidget spinners makes them enjoyable, and they are available in a variety of cool designs.

Reflective Balls

Sensory reflective balls are useful in helping autistic children by enabling them to advance their visual senses. Studies have revealed that children with autism and ADHD lack the ability to register visual sensory information. Therefore, receptive balls are an excellent solution to help your child strengthen their visual senses.

For children with autism, games offer vital sensory input, which should involve engagement and development of all five senses.