Published By: Satavisha

Things You Should Prepare for Before Your Child’s First Day At School

Your toddler and you are about to step into school, but how should you prepare to make the first day memorable and smooth for your little one? Read on to find out!

Some fun activities and routine changes can prepare your kindergartener for their first day at school. The first day at school is always exciting but also exhausting for the parents. Excitement because their child is marking a significant milestone, but it is also exhausting to train a toddler for their first day at school. Follow the tips below to make this process easier and hassle-free.

Read stories about starting school.

Reading stories to your toddler with characters they can relate to — especially stories with characters attending kindergarten for the first time — can help relieve first-day jitters and boost your child’s confidence.

Practice getting ready for school

If your toddler is new to school education, they might struggle to get ready on busy mornings. Consider running a few morning practices with your toddler. It will help both you and your little one anticipate how mornings will be during school days and will offer an incredible opportunity for your child to learn everything they need to do in the morning before school. It will also help avoid surprises on their first day of school.

Teach some basic skills.

Children who know basic skills before joining school feel more confident and comfortable in class. Toddlers develop basic skills and habits in kindergarten that they will use all their lives. However, if your little one can already read from A to Z and count from one to ten, spell their name, hold a pencil, dress themselves, and eat on their own—they will not face any difficulty during their early days at school.

Attach a note to their lunch box.

Add a special touch by including a note with your child’s lunch to let them know that you are remembering them while they are at school. You can draw a smiley face or your toddler’s favorite cartoon characters or write a joke that could instantly delight them at school.

Shop for books and stationery in advance.

Shopping for school is exciting and almost magical. Take your child with you and let them pick their new pencil case, backpack, water bottle, and lunch box. Make a list of all the stationery items they will need, like crayons, pencils, rulers, erasers, and more. If your toddler is nervous or apprehensive about going to school, this fun shopping experience might excite them.

Lay a happy foundation for your child by helping them to be confident and happy. School is for learning essential life skills, so make it memorable and easy for them.