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Six Essential Items You Should Always Pack For Your Toddler’s Swimming Classes

What essentials should you pack for your toddler’s swimming classes? Read on to find out

If you have enrolled your toddler in swimming classes, you should know that the experience will be both scary and exciting for you and your little one. But this life-saving skill is important for your child to learn to feel safer in water. Check out some items you should always carry with you during your toddler’s swimming lessons to make their water adventures less stressful and more safe.

A swim cap and goggles

Swimming goggles will not just protect your toddler’s eyes from the chlorine, but also encourage better swimming technique — especially if your kid is a novice swimmer. If your toddler has long hair, tie their tresses up with a hairband and cover their head with a swim cap to keep their strands from falling on their face.

A dry towel

After the swimming lessons, your junior swimmer will need a towel to dry up. Your toddler will need to dry up after swimming to avoid falling sick and the hazard of slipping while walking. Moreover, most swimming classes provide shower stalls for swimmers to rinse before as well as after the lessons.

Carry a waterproof sunscreen

Even during winter and on cloudy days, the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun can penetrate your toddler’s tender skin. Shield your little one’s skin with an effective waterproof sunscreen. SPF 50 would offer the best protection, but it will require reapplication after every 60 to 90 minutes to ensure proper protection.

Swim diapers

Many public swimming facilities mandate the usage of swim diapers on toddlers and infants. Swim diapers help avoid bathroom "accidents" while significantly diminishing the chances of spreading fecal bacterial contamination in the pool.

An appropriate swimsuit

Appropriate swimwear is the most important item that you should pack for your toddler’s swim lessons. Pick a swimsuit that is well-fitting and practical. In other words, avoid swimsuits with dangling designs, imitating mermaid tails. Keep the suit simple without any frills. For girls, the one-piece style is best. For boys, consider finding something basic.


Nobody likes it when water gets inside their ears, and to avoid that, carry a pair of earplugs. For swimmers, there are earplugs, specifically designed to keep water out of their ears. Make sure you get a pair for your toddler too.

Your little swimming champ is now ready to dive into the pool!