How Can The Black Freedom Struggle Affect The Culture?

“The time is always right to do what is right”

Racial segregation was a common problem in the United States for a long time. This segregation has been deeply implanted from the time when African slaves were brought to the United States for slavery in the household and the factories of white people. The black people’s oppression and racial slurs towards them were common in the back ’60s. From the 18th century, this struggle had taken place that continuously spread its effects in the different parts of society such as art, culture, social structure and many more.

Brief history

As stated before, Racism and the struggle against it started in the 18th century. In the ’60s the protest against the white people and their oppression was called the “Civil rights movement” . Many famous people such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Rosa Parks and many more were activists who had a lasting impression on the movement against injustices in society. Most of them are getting shot but it has a lasting impression on the different aspects of society as well.

Affect on the elections

As we all know black people were stripped of their voting rights by the Supreme Court in the year 1857. Now civil rights rather the basic rights are provided to every black person so that they can vote for their preferred leader. 31 million black voters are counted in 2020. Raphael G Warnock has been elected as a senator in the state of Georgia recently. Even we have a black president of the US named Barack Obama which is a direct effect of the Black struggle.

Affect on the society

Society and the social acceptance of black people have changed a lot. Previously white people did not feel comfortable having a black neighbor. Nowadays they live happily in the same neighbourhood.60% of the black population in the US holds a white-collar job. Slavery is also demolished.

Field of art

Films and theater are also very important aspects of culture. We have seen that black actors and their work in Hollywood have been acknowledged even recently in the 94th academy awards. Will Smith bags the best actor award. Even Barry Jenkins bags one Oscar for his film Moonlight in 2017.

Though there are certain incidents like George Floyd that happened in some places in America, black people are now getting proper respect and a place in society and also they have a significant role in the recent American culture.

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