Published By: Orna Ghosh

How important is compulsory attendance?

Attendance is probably one of my least favourite memories of our school days. 

Going to school every day helps the students achieve academic success. Therefore, to ensure regularity, every educational institution introduced compulsory attendance. According to study reports, students attending classes actively gain higher grades than others, proving the correlation between academic excellence and regular attendance. It also affects individuals to grow professionally.

As per the survey reports based on a general school survey, around 75 million students miss almost a month of classes every year. Therefore, it affects the academic and professional performance of an individual negatively. There are several reasons behind the increasing absent rate. Some are viral diseases, rough weather conditions, lack of transport facilities, unstable housing and others. Therefore, students belonging to remote communities are more likely to remain absent from classes.

Let us look at the importance of compulsory attendance.

Compulsory attendance paves your way towards various achievements because everyday learning provides an extra weightage to move forward in life. It shapes your personality, academic intelligence and professional career too. As per the study report, attentive students understands the concepts and develops the ability for critical thinking. However, this doesn't prove that irregularity will hamper their career; but they might face difficulties understanding various concepts. Moreover, compulsory attendance ensures that the student stays up-to-date with daily assessments and are well prepared for examinations.

Regular attendance improves social skills as they get an opportunity to mix with like-minded students, especially those who belong to a similar age group. Today, the school curriculum isn't limited to academic activities only. Educational institutes organise several non-academic activities, such as sports, cultural programs, art, etc. Participating in these extra-curricular activities mould a student's career differently. They learn etiquettes, develops personality, gains confidence and explore various skills. Once they start attending schools regularly, they value its contribution to education and professional upgradation. Therefore, regular attendance ensures the growth of a responsible citizen.

Maintaining regularity develops a sense of structure in every student. Every school follows specific rules and regulations to maintain discipline on the premises. Therefore, when the students follow them every day, it automatically gets implemented in their personal life. They learn the value of time management, punctuality, discipline, teamwork and deadlines. These skills help them shape their career successfully. As a result, compulsory attendance shapes the structural lifestyle of a student.

These are some of the benefits of the introduction of compulsory attendance by educational institutions.