Published By: Orna Ghosh

What are the top health talk topics for students?

Most of the students are inquisitive about every single thing that exists in this world. 

Generally, the present generation gets questioned about their interests on various social issues; but the students prove everybody wrong. According to study reports, their nature is to explore different aspects of life, and the question What? Why? How? and where? of everything that exists in their world. Be it academic topics or related to social issues, today's new generation likes to sit together and discuss several problems.

As per the recent survey done among students of various institutions, the general health talk topics they discuss are-

Cold and Flu: Season changes are responsible for various health conditions, such as viral fever, cold and flu. Every year, more than a thousand patients visit the doctors with a complaint of cold and flu, out of which maximum are minors. It is so because students are exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, especially when they get involved in various extra-curricular activities. Similarly, not maintaining hygiene is also the primary reason behind them catching a cold.

Stress and anxiety: Most students voted that these are the common topics of discussion among their peers. With the increasing competition among students, stress and anxiety is also increasing exponentially. Not everybody is comfortable discussing their mental health issues; as a result, it might cause situations. Therefore, institutes must take initiatives to normalise stress and anxiety talks. According to psychologists, they have seen a massive increase in the young patients visiting their clinics.

Depression: It is a mental condition that affects the daily lifestyle of a person. There are multiple reasons which affect the mental health of the students. Some of the causes are academic stress, personal problems, family issues and others. Today, many institutions are introducing mental health as a vital part of the curriculum. They arrange for different seminars and sessions with the professionals.

Insomnia: It is a common sleep disorder due to which a person finds it difficult to fall asleep. Insomnia, generally caused for the following reasons- stress, anxiety, improper sleep schedule, depression and other physical illness. In most cases, students suffer from this condition due to their lifestyle, academic stress, and others. It is not a mental condition, but it might hamper our lifestyle. In such cases, you can consult a doctor for mild sleeping pills or other medical suggestions.

These are a few of the many health topics for students to talk about with their friends and family.