Published By: Orna Ghosh

Things to know before applying for Guinness Book Record.

Guinness Book of World Record (GWR) is one of the most prestigious awards for outstanding and record-breaking achievements. 

It is an organization that appreciates talents and dedications from across the world. Today, there are more than 40000 achievements recorded in this book. Some of them got freshly created, while others replaced the old records. Getting listed in the world’s best-selling copyrighted book- the Guinness Book gives you a sense of honour and pride. You not only represent yourself but the country too.

There are hundreds of applicants in the competition, but only a few make it to the final list. Therefore, before submitting the registration form online, you must remember a few things in mind.

Start with selecting the subject or category wisely. You need to understand the simple equation: the number of applicants is much greater than the number of awardees for the particular category. Therefore, choose your subject after proper research. In an interview, the Editor in Chief of GWR mentioned that: the screening processes are strict, and they don’t accept any old things. Select the record which captures the imagination of the viewers.

Don’t take GWR rules for granted- follow them carefully. Just as any other prestigious awards, even GWR laid down some set of rules. Those must get followed before applying for the book. First, one must qualify the basic requirements- the record must be measurable, justifiable, beatable and fascinating.

Record-setting or record-breaking is free of cost. However, many think that applying for the GWR might cost them a fortune, but it isn't true. The Guinness Book of World Records accepts applications from every person living on the planet. However, they ask the applicants to give them at least six weeks for existing subjects and twelve weeks for new categories to get reviewed.

Chalk out the plan of execution. We know that every record gets set under some rules, regulations and conditions. Therefore, you will receive an email from the GWR with the set of guidelines. After going through the email, practice your stunt carefully and by following every point on the list.

Keep going until you reach the destination. What is the first thing that we learn about success? Failure is the first step towards it. Similarly, you will have multiple failed attempts before you receive recognition for showcasing your talent. Therefore, keep yourself motivated because nobody else will value your extraordinary efforts to create a world record.

These are some points for you to remember before applying.