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How To Gain General Knowledge

Steps to increase your GK 


A good grip on general knowledge is the key to our success in many fields of life. Having a proper base of general knowledge makes us smart and approachable in some ways. Whether it’s impressing a potential employer at a job interview, having the ability to follow what is going on in the news or simply being able to take part in a lively conversation with your mates, general knowledge is surely essential.

Besides, Good general knowledge has social benefits too. For example, having a basic understanding of the world’s religions is vital for avoiding causing potential offense. If you know when Ramadan falls this year then scheduling a lunch date with your Muslim friend will be a lot easier and allows you to show you acknowledge an important aspect of their life.

Now, let me help you with some tips on how to gain general knowledge easily:


Read Frequently

Increasing the amount you read is a very useful way to improve your general knowledge. Both kinds of books, fiction, and non-fiction, can help you. By taking the time each day to read a book you are also priming your brain for daily information to absorb. Reading also gives us mental peace and helps us to relax.

However, it’s not only bookworms who can benefit from reading to increase their general knowledge. Read anything. Newspapers, magazines, academic journals, blogs – anything you can lay your eyes on is a potential source to improve your knowledge.


Keep Up With the News

Keeping an eye on the latest news and what is going on in the world is an absolute key to maintaining and developing your sense of common knowledge. To be able to understand and retain information on a wide range of subjects, you need to keep up with the latest developments on each topic. Watch the news bulletin on the television, read a newspaper, or simply look at what is trending on Twitter!


Use Social networks

There is a part of social media, especially on YouTube, where people can learn, and gather knowledge on whichever topic they are interested in. Some channels will teach you about science, history, and the world — and many other topics you might have never considered. Here are some channels that you can follow to be a part of the smart man culture: Khan Academy, Ted Talks, Vox, Scishow, etc.

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