How to Grow Lucky Bamboo At Home

How to grow a healthy Lucky bamboo plant and decorate your home elegantly.

Plants can be an asset to your home if you know how to pick the right plant and pamper it the right way. We understand not all plants are easy to grow, especially in hectic work life, so we got the ideal plant for you to choose- The lucky Bamboo!

This tropical lily called Dracaena sanderiana is deemed to bring good fortune and lights up the ambience of your room. Here is all you need to know about how to thrive a lucky bamboo in your house.

  • The plants are usually imported from other Asian countries, so they have to bear the turmoil of the journey. Make sure the stem and leaves are lush green to ensure buying a healthy plant.
  • Professionals who cultivate these plants cut the stalks and braid them to create elaborate designs that can be sold for a fair amount of money.
  • These plants can grow to a height of 5 feet if planted in soil, but if you want to keep it indoors, make sure you trim them regularly.

You can choose if you want to grow it in soil or water-

  • If you want it hassle-free, then you should plant it in water. Make it stand on stones to drain the water off roots. Make sure at least 3-8 cm of the sources is submerged in water.
  • If you want to set it in soil, make sure the soil is well-drained and fertilized. It has to be rich in organic salts and phosphorus. You can grow it with rocks at the bottom to make sure the water gets drained well.

Using the right container-

  • Make sure your container is ceramic or glass and tall enough to give it support. If you are planting it in the soil, you may use a terra-cotta pot to let it grow.

Plant it in the right spot-

  • Lucky bamboo thrives in bright, filtered sunlight. Direct sun will scorch the leaves yellow. Also, keep it far from cooling vents. It grows best in temperatures between 65 degrees and 90 degrees.
  • If you want your plant to grow in a wave, make sure you control the path of your light. It will bend towards the sun, when you turn it, it will extend the other way. It will take a lot of time to mature, but it will be worth the wait.

Keep changing the water of the plant-

  • If you keep the plant in water, change the water regularly. If fluorinated water runs through your taps, make sure you change the water once a week to avoid sensitive roots from reacting to the chemical. Also, calm water can be breeding grounds for mosquito larva, so its essential to keep a check on the water to maintain hygiene of your home.

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