How To Write A Good Film Review And Make It More Effective

Lack of proper guidance is the reason why their reviews are not qualitatively rich as it should be.

Writing a quality review of a film is not as easy as it looks. Before the era of social media, there used to be film critics and reviewers who used to write film reviews. But now, after social media has grasped the whole world, we can see that almost all kinds of people are coming with film reviews. It is not a bad thing at all for people from any section of the society, coming out with their opinion without any hesitation. But, lack of proper guidance is the reason why their reviews are not qualitatively rich as it should be.

Watch the film minutely

Before writing a review, one must watch the film from beginning to end with mindfulness. Some people are there who write reviews on the basis of reading other people’s reviews just adding some own style of writing. This is not just misguided, but also unfair to that film. To write properly it is compulsory to watch properly.

Follow the technical approaches

A review is to be written not only about the story and content of the film, but also about its technical works. So, it is necessary to observe the cinematography, coloring, editing, sound designing, graphics, animation and all other technical contributions in the film.

Identify the philosophical approach

Any art, whether it is a film or anything else, propagates some philosophical perspective. And for a reviewer, it is very important to read that philosophy and criticize it properly. In that case, some studies are necessary about philosophy in art, use of symbolism and audience psychology.

Write about everything

While writing the review, don’t write only about the film. Write about the teaser, trailer, posters and even their marketing strategies. A good review should be holistic.

How to write

Keep a few things in mind while writing a film review.

  • Do not give spoilers in a review. Write in a approach through which the reader can get attracted a curious about the film
  • Write in simple language. It shouldn’t look like hard to read content. It should be qualitatively high but linguistically very soothing.
  • Mention the crew members and technicians in the review, not only the artists.
  • Don’t be provoked by any other review. Write exactly what you think.
  • Don’t exaggerate. It should be short, sharp, informative, and attractive.
  • Try to raise some questions in the readers’ mind through your writing.

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