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Myths about yogurt

Yogurt is one such food item that everyone believes to be extremely healthy

The milk is fermented upon bacterial action to form yogurt. Enriched in the helpful bacterial colony, yogurt is one of the most preferred food items all across the world. Some consume in its raw form, some eat it with some fruits. Healthy food items always come with some sort of misconceptions. There are some myths about yogurt too. Let’s find out the actual truth behind those myths.

Myth: If you are lactose intolerant you should avoid yogurt.

Fact: This is a false belief as lactose-intolerant people can eat yogurt without any side effects. The bacterial activity actually helps in relieving the patient from lactose intolerance.

Myth: Yogurt contains the maximum amount of probiotics than other food materials.

Fact: No, the yogurt never contains the highest amount of probiotics. Kefir is the product with the highest amount of probiotic content. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that promote better digestive health. Yogurt does contain a large number of bacterial colonies, but not the highest.

Myth: Greek yogurt is the healthiest product than regular yogurt.

Fact: No, Greek yogurt is not the healthiest. Its protein content is twice that of regular yogurt. But, it lacks sufficient calcium content. Actually, some calcium is lost during the processing and manufacturing of Greek yogurt. However saturated fat content is higher in Greek yogurt.

Myth: If you eat yogurt along with hard drinks, you will not have a hangover the very next day.

Fact: There is no such scientific proof behind this belief, as yogurt never helps in recovering from hangover conditions.

Myth: Never eat yogurt along with lemon or pickles, it will face stomach upset.

Fact: Your body never works in this way. This concept came to people’s minds as lemon and pickles are both acidic in nature. Your body has its own buffering capacity to neutralize the action of any acidic food materials. So, you can definitely eat yogurt and lemons or pickles at the same time.

Myth: Never eat yogurt if you have a sore throat

Fact: sore throat can be worsened by cold food items, but yogurt at room temperature has no harmful effect on the body. You can eat yogurt if you wish to, even if you have a sore throat.

Myth: There are numerous strains of bacteria present in yogurt.

Fact: there are only two or three strains of bacteria present in yogurt. They mostly belong to Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. You can check the name of the probiotics on your yogurt.

Myth: You can eat Greek yogurt as snacks only

Fact: Yogurt is not only a snacks material. You can eat along with a meal, use as an important ingredient of cooking. This is a healthy replacement for butter in cooking due to its thick texture.

A yogurt is a must-go option for a healthy diet. Always be aware of the fact that yogurt is not the solution to all digestive problems. Few strains in yogurt may help in treating diarrhea, but not all.Sometimes yogurt should be avoided in case of food poisoning or severe ulcers. Before purchasing any yogurt product you can consult with an expert.

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