Perks Of Long Distance Relationships

LDR isn’t that bad! Here is why every long distance relationship couple should rejoice.

Ask any couple how being in a long-distance relationship feels – they will show you the endless call logs and messages. Communicating when in different time zones can sound stressful, bit is it all that bad? Let us find out.

To be honest, in the modern world, every couple at some point has experienced being in a long-distance relationship. Be it different cities, states or countries, all thanks to emails, phone calls, texts, and now video calls, couples have always kept in touch. Here are a few reasons why staying in a long-distance relationship can sometimes be better than staying together!

Better Intimacy

Studies worldwide prove that couples staying away from each other develop a stronger bond with their counterparts. They idolize and value each other more when they have limited time to spend with each other.

Better Communication

If you spend the whole day with a person, you are likely to share less information with them. Restrictions in time in a long-distance relationship compel couples to maximise their time with their partners.

You Commit 100% To The Person

When you are in a long-distance relationship, commitment is not ambiguous. You can be honest about your goals and how you want to proceed in the relationship and keep it as clear as water.

You Have Ample ‘Me’ Time

One thing couples complain most about missing in a relationship is ‘me time’. Instead of contemplating the shortcomings of a relationship in a long-distance relationship, you can focus on yourself and the good times to come.

You Grow Together

Instead of lying to each other to go out with someone else, you lie to other people to spend time with each other. Being in a long-distance relationship keeps you both focused and keeps the couple’s well-being above all. It gives you time to grow.

Increases Your Trust-Building

Most people fear long distance to be a test of trust, but on the contrary, long-distance helps you grow as a person and gives you time to understand what you want from life. It is not true that once you are away from a person, they will eventually forget you. Once you start trusting each other, there is nothing better than a long-distance relationship to learn about each other.

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