Roles and Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager.

Living in the era of speeding technologies and “over-smart” phones, one barely choose to live a solely personal minute. Social Media updates and hash-tags are added to our daily routine. From checking newspapers early morning to checking Facebook notifications- modernisation happened. The 21st century is so much social media-oriented, that there is no rush to reach the newspaper to confirm the news, rather we Google.

Digital Marketing or Social media marketing is opted by every company as a key step to mark their presence in the field. Advertising using billboards, fliers and hoardings ask for a huge amount of investment. Meanwhile, digitalisation of the same not only cuts off apart from the investment but also is time-efficient. Digitalisation has not only come as an effective step towards the advertisement world but also has reached a massive population.

The idea of taking a business online is successful only if the expected rate of return is received gradually and this graph is maintained by a Social Media Manager. He is responsible for the following actions:

To run a SWOT analysis and develop strategies according to it. Implementation and managing all social media sites are also a part of their responsibilities.

To define KPIs for various social media campaigns.

To monitor every campaign and prepare a graph accordingly.

To stay updated with the latest social media practices and technologies.

To work in a team and monitor SEO and user engagement.

To provide valuable feedback.

In other words, he is responsible for the company’s sales graph go uphill and improves marketing efforts and increase brand awareness.

He is on-boarded only after his list of skills coincides with the following mentioned set of abilities:

One should have copywriting skills as are required to create a social media post.

One should have general knowledge about digital marketing and its strategies. Knowledge of SEO is also appreciated.

One should have the ability to understand various social media platforms and learn about their advertising policies.

If you know how to define KPI metrics and use them to build a campaign strategy, then it’s a cherry on top.

One should have the ability to analyse and create a market report before implementing any ideas.

Technical knowledge to work on various SEO tools including Google Analytics, Adobe Suites and Microsoft Office is required for the selection process.

Apart from the technical skills, the ability to work in a team and leadership qualities are also expected in a  social  media manager.

In simple words, if we describe the work of a social media specialist, we can define it as “Eat Sleep Socialise Repeat”.

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