Some skills you could pick up in just a month.

They say to learn a skill can take a lifetime. But here are some of the skills you could easily learn and that too in just a month.

Childhood is a very curious time; we are curious about different things, we are eager to learn and know more, but as time passes, the curiosity and will to learn fades away. As we approach adulthood, we can often get intimidated by learning and trying on new things and learning new skills. One of the most common reasons for this approach is the shortage of time. But what if we told you there are many skills that would just take a month or even less for you to learn? Here are some of those.


If you are one of those who can even burn water and are thriving or surviving on take-away, then it is a good time for you to learn how to cook. Learning to cook is beneficial in many ways. You can save money and manage your budget much more efficiently. And a month is quite a long time for you to learn, manage the basics and fundamentals of cooking through cooking classes and even online classes.


Swimming is a basic life skill which all of us should know. But most of us have not learnt this valuable skill in our childhood. Better late than never. You can be swimming efficiently in not more than eight lessons. These lessons can be anything from thirty minutes to one hour.


Learning basic coding or HTML is not as difficult and complex as it sounds. There are many online courses that can teach you basic coding, and if you don’t want to spend extra money on learning coding, then you can always watch videos and tutorials for free on YouTube.


Learning to do CPR is something one must learn to save someone’s life. Think of a situation if a loved one or a friend suddenly stops breathing or suffers a heart attack, and it would take some time for an ambulance to reach; what would you do. Learning CPR would enable you to keep the blood circulating until you reach thehospital or an ambulance reaches you. It just takes few classes for you to learn this valuable life skill.


Some people are told the whole of their life that they can’t draw, and drawing requires inborn talent. Well, they are wrong as you can easily learn to doodle and the basics of art in a few simple lessons and classes.

So, what would you like to learn?

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