Published By: Sougata Dutta

Spy x Family a deep truth in a simple plot - Anime Review

Simple by design, captivating by animation, pleasant by story.

After a long time, there has arrived an anime with a simple story yet compelling depth. Spy x Family explores the bonds and dynamics of any normal family with working parents and a study-fearing child. The entire setup is that of an extremely ordinary family except none of them are even scarcely so.

The times and stands: World setup of the story

The story is set in a world that is on the brink of war. Two nations are in a state of the pseudo-peace treaty and have used the network of spies to sabotage the other nation for the maintenance of world peace. The nations of Westalis and Ostania are trying to sabotage one another under the table while proclaiming peace and prosperity on the service.

In the process of doing so, the WISE organization sends its best spy, Agent “Tasogare” or as it translates into English, “Twilight” to the city of Berlint, Ostania. And for his latest mission to ensure the peace – irrespective of its character – reigns over the world for the sake of all.

The mission to peace: The main plot

To achieve his new mission to attain world peace, Agent “Tasogare” must live in Berlint and acquire a new family with a wife and a child to try and infiltrate the whereabouts of a powerful politician to learn secrets that’ll save countless children from crying. After all, that is the main reason that the agent became a spy.

The unlikely yet obvious trio: The main characters

The story involves the three most unlikely yet ever so awesome trio of family. The Mom, Yor Forger is an assassin who is a contractual killer, the Dad is Loid Forger (Agent “Tasogare”) a spy who must defend world peace at any cost, and their adopted daughter Anya Forger is a telepath.

Yes, little Anya can read people’s minds and of course, knows exactly what her mom and dad do for a living. And even then, she’s just as excited as ever with her cute “wakuwaku” to be their child. The three have their secrets and even though no one is aware of anyone’s secret, they live happily under one roof as any other family would.

The simple things: Why it is so popular

In its entirety, this anime is about family. And everyone can relate to this anime very easily and deeply. Hence its popularity and fame. And above all the austere depth it provides about what families are.

This anime really is a must-watch.