Tips to check plagiarism.

Plagiarism– It all started with the introduction of technology and the internet. 

With Google at our fingertips, writing research papers, articles, essays, and summaries became easier. It reduced the on-field research work or spending hours searching materials in the number of books or journals. Even checking plagiarism is an easy job.

But what is plagiarism? Plagiarism is using other’s work without giving credit to the actual writer or author. It may involve deliberate stealing of others’ write-up or an honest mistake.

With unlimited access to research papers and journals, plagiarism has become a common mistake. To check plagiarism, we have checker tools available online for us to receive the certificate of authenticity. If the plagiarism checker tool finds any accidental match up with an existing paper, we can use the following methods to avoid plagiarism.

Use primitive plagiarism checking software tools. With the plagiarism checking tool, we receive assurance that our work is authentic. These tools help us to check if our work has an accidental match over the internet. It identifies the forgotten citation or included paraphrase that is close to the original paper. To fix it up, we can use the following methods mentioned below.

Use the method of paraphrasing. Paraphrasing is using our words to describe the original text. Using this method, we can convey the actual theme or information from the original paper. Paraphrasing can either be done using your own words or using the paraphrasing tools available. Before putting the paraphrased text into the article, do check whether the actual meaning is understood or not.

Quote the original text into the article. Quoting the original text is using the actual words and putting those under quotation in our article. In this case, the original author receives credibility. Quoting gives us the exact meaning of the text as described by the author. Here, the actual tone, authority and style of the author’s work remain the same.

Give creditability to the original writer. By including in-text citation that refers to the work by the original writer, we can avoid getting plagiarised. We can add a reference table giving details of the paper and author from which we got inspired. Multiple in-text citation styles are available to give creditability, but we must maintain a chosen style throughout.

So next time you write an article or present a research paper, make sure to run a plagiarism test and fix it.

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