What Are The 3 Difficult And Comforting Truths About Grief?

Grief is an extreme process of life that every human being has to go through!

Grief is one of the most fundamental truths in every human life. We get sad for a variety of reasons throughout our lives; we get upset, we get hurt, we break down. Grieving is the feeling of suffering itself. One person laments for one reason, while another laments for another. Everyone's grieving process is different. In our society, there is a lot of one-eyedness about grieving, as well as many inhibitions and misconceptions. In today's article, we'll look at 3 truths about grieving.

Truths About Grieving : How Is The Process Of Grieving Defined

When we lose someone very close to our heart, when we can't get something very dear to us, the physical and mental turmoil we go through can be called a process of grieving. Our minds get overwhelmed by the absence of the person or thing with whom we have the most emotional contact. Primarily, grief is a feeling of abandonment, which we feel after losing the person or thing we love. The process of grieving is a very complex one, over which the griever has no control.

Grieving Is A Natural But Distinctive Response To Pain

When our heart is pained by a heartbreaking event, we grieve. The duration of this grieving is not the same for each person. In this case we have to keep in mind that the expression of mourning varies from person to person, some people cry loudly at the loss of their spouse, some people become completely silent. But, both the sides grieve in their respective personal preferable choice. There is no textbook of how one should grieve, it is not possible for a griever to follow any specific rules. Therefore, it is highly inhumane to show disgust or judgment over the manner in which a griever mourns when in extreme distress.

Process Of Grieving Is Not Time Bound

When a person or a pet very close to us leaves us, our world turns upside down for a brief moment. We become disconnected with life. But time is the most effective cure in the world that can relieve any pain. Gradually we get back to our daily work, but the memories of the departed loved ones stay with us forever. There can be no set time for mourning. The absence of the person who departs is felt indefinitely. As a result, mourning is an ongoing process. Even after the grieving period appears to be over, we continue to mourn for our loved ones.

Everyone Has Different Reasons For Grieving

For those who keep pets at home, the pain of losing a pet is like the pain of losing a child. It is not possible for everyone to truly feel this pain or emotion. Every person in the world has a different personality, so they react differently depending upon the situation. It is wrong to assume that every person in the world will react in the same way to every event.