White Noise For Sleeping Babies – 4 Mistakes To Avoid

For a brand new parent with a newborn in the house, sleep can feel like a dream. Even when you get past the ‘waking up every hour phase’, your baby may still have issues falling and staying asleep.

To help your little one sleep better at night, many paediatricians recommend doing relaxing activities, such as taking a warm bath, before bed. It is also a great idea to use alternative options like white noise. It is a great tool for soothing a fussing baby and boosting sleep. However, avoid making these four common mistakes.

Mistake No. 1: Babies Who Sleep Well Don’t Need White Noise

Even for babies who sleep well and easily, white noise is essential. It makes the sleep quality tons better. Babies sometimes experience sleep regression after the fourth month. This is because they start hearing better and wake up when they hear snoring or other noises in the middle of the night. They could also be weaning from being swaddled tightly or teething.

Using white noise will help you deal with these issues easily. Within a couple of weeks, your newborn will start associating the sound with sleep. Once she gets used to sleeping in white noise, she will be able to sleep through TVs and passing vehicles, teething pain, and minor discomforts.

Mistake No. 2: All White Noise Is Created Equal And Work Well

White noise isn’t just one thing. There are in fact two kinds of white noise, namely high pitch and low pitch. The surprising thing is they have completely opposite effects on your baby! High-pitch white noise is often harsh, whiney, hissy, and disturbing. They are simply terrible for sleeping purposes. Whereas low-pitch white noise is hypnotic and droning – it’s fantastic for lulling the baby to sleep.

Mistake No. 3: White Noise Should Be Played As Quietly As Possible

You need to use a decibel that is as loud as the baby’s crying. Babies are extremely loud creatures – they will probably not even hear quiet sounds. Once your baby starts settling, put on a loud, rumbly sound, and gradually turn the volume up every few minutes till it’s loud enough to mask other sounds.

Mistake No. 4:Not Using A Good Quality White Noise Machine For Infants

All white noise machines are not created equally. Many can’t generate the low rumbly noise newborns feel comfortable in. Plus, some have a tendency to turn off automatically after a while. Invest in a good quality machine that will suit your baby’s needs and make all the sleep troubles go away!