Published By: Sougata Dutta

Why Is It Important To Correctly Judge People Before Getting Personal?

It is really important to judge those people with whom you may want to be closer. It will help to make the right decision.

 It would not be wrong to say that we all judge. It is the most natural human tendency. Anyone who says they don’t judge is lying. We’re all judging all the time. Every opinion you have is a judgement in itself – whether or not right or wrong. Judging is perceiving. And it is really important to judge those people with whom you may want to be closer. It will help to make the right decision.

You’re going to make some hasty, uninformed, dishonest and even imperfect judgements in life. And somewhere down the line you’ll analyse how to clear your thinking and let yourself be more accepting and open to altering them. This procedure of judging, un-judging and then judging human beings the proper way will make you a correct judge of people. And that is an asset you must be proud of.

Judging is actually our attempt to create a hierarchy of better than and much less than, superior to and inferior to, and to outline a worth to every person that we meet. We have the innate urge to be right, to be better, to be superior, always. Our binary view of the world around us necessitates us to be both right or wrong, so we have a tendency to judge.

Decision making and problem solving, both have to be handled carefully. For a better judgement, one has to be fully informed by searching for the pros and cons. Problem solving needs a few mechanisms like reasoning, balanced approach, finer point of view to have a proper outcome. Paving the way to better decisions; judging accurately when in difficult situations; and seeing things genuinely will help in focusing your judgement capability in a better light.

Judgement is an innate capability focusing on the private traits formed with better information and experience, thereby helping in making decisions. When decisions are supposed to be made, scrutinising the information will become more essential. Better insight, correct intuitive abilities, weighing right and wrong, with that gut spirit is important.

Some fantastic leaders with proper judgement are top listeners, are capable of identifying things from others viewpoints, recognize the depth of emotions, are firm and grounded. Some factors like learning, trust factor, experience, better choices are to be practised consistently.

With right judgement comes better decision making. This paves way for better relationships in and out of an organisation, promoting growth and productiveness and being a morale booster in crisis. Getting it proper in the most urgent situations, identifying strengths and weaknesses and constructing them way up.