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6 Ways To Pull Off Quirky Menswear

Just because they don't have as many dressing options as women, not mean it is effortless for men. Here are some pro hacks to keep your wardrobe manageable.

Although you may think men's fashion seems easy, it really isn't. It takes more than just a tee and jeans to look smart and presentable. Not to mention the shoes for every kind of outfit! Here are some hacks to look dashing no matter where you go!

Use A Delicate Bag To Wash Your Shirts

If you wash your shirt a lot, you will often notice a fraying collar and cuff. Because the edges of shirts fray efficiently, it's better to wash them in a soft bag. The bag acts as a barrier between your shirt and the washer, and the clothes will wear down less. A maximum of 2 shirts per bag will do the trick.

Your T-Shirts Should Be Stored Vertically

It's natural to just throw your t-shirts and socks into your drawer flat. This way, you can only see what is on the top. Instead, fold your t-shirts vertically, and you will see what's inside. To ensure that your t-shirt fits in your drawer, fold it shorter than your drawer's height.

Use Your Hangers

It could be your suit or shirt; hangers are a must. You need to align them so that they face in the same direction. You can simply flip the garment over whenever you're wearing it. Make sure that those items are appropriately stored in a bag to protect them from dust.

Dry Your Fine, Delicate Sweater In A Salad Spinner

Cashmere sweaters should not be dried in a dryer. Instead, wash your sweater by hand, then dry it with a salad spinner. After you are done, drain the water. You can lay it flat on a towel to not stretch when hanging. This will ensure your sweaters last for many years.

You Can Fix Stuck Zippers Using Either A Candle Or Bar Soap

Zippers that don't fit well sometimes get stuck. There are several ways to fix this. You can first apply some candle wax to the zipper. You should not use graphite or any other dark substance as it can stain your clothes. Bar soap can be used if you don't own a tea light or candles.

To Remove Pen Stains, Use Rubbing Alcohol Or Hairspray

Everybody has had a pen come undone, leaving tiny marks on their shirts. You can use hair spray to remove pen stains from your shirts. Let it sit for five minutes before washing.