Published By: Jayati


How a person thinks about oneself goes a long way in understanding and appreciating one’s life!

Self-esteem is probably one of the most important issues that determine how a person evaluates themselves and the world around them. Low self-esteem creates a negative outlook on the world and impacts mental health in insurmountable ways. Also, overly high self-esteem can make one have a dangerous superiority complex. Healthy self-esteem manifests in various ways and there can be several makers to identify if a person has healthy self-esteem, this ties into the concept of self-worth and attitude as well.

Being Decisive is the Key to Strong Self Esteem

Decisiveness is one of the most important traits to identify whether you have strong self-esteem. In life, people are often faced with multiple outcomes to a situation, and being absolutely decisive in such key moments allows for an uncomplicated way to deal with even the most difficult situations.

An Ability to Distinguish between Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Strong self-esteem provides an understanding and capability of forming a healthy relationship, this also helps identify unhealthy relationships, and the strength to leave such relationships where their value is not being fully acknowledged by their significant other, this can even be said for relations other than romantic, such as a professional relationship or even within the family.

Being Practical about one's expectations and how they manage it

Strong and healthy self-esteem steers a person away from unrealistic expectations from other people and from oneself. The benefits of this are clearly visible in how a person interacts with other people in daily life. It also helps to control anger and frustration.

Not being Unnecessarily Critical of Oneself and others

One of the most dangerous traits of having low self-esteem is being needlessly critical of oneself. This creates undue pressure and stress. This also creates a situation where other people are also judged based on the same credentials.

Resilience and Endurance to face Difficult Situations

Strong self-esteem helps navigate through stress, aiding the process of being calm in stressful situations and thinking clear headed when it is needed the most, resilience makes it easier to process a situation which is unexpected and difficult, providing strength to persevere.

Assertiveness in One’s Self Expression

Being able to express yourself is imperative in leading a healthy life, being assertive towards opinions helps to form a back one's personality. This never creates a situation where people don’t feel heard.

Having a Clear Idea of  Self Worth

The most important sign of knowing you have strong self-esteem is to acknowledge your worth which determines how a person conducts oneself in front of others and the way they choose to be presented. This is the culmination of all the other signs of having strong self-worth.