Published By: Jayati

Practice These 5 Important Techniques to Become a Good Listener

In this world full of problem-solvers, being someone who can listen attentively is a rarity!

Sometimes it seems like listening is a dying art, perhaps as a result of how much more electronic communication there is in our lives. That's unfortunate because having good listening skills can benefit you in all facets of your life, including interactions with close companions and coworkers.

Put Yourself in the Place of the Speaker

Your own thoughts prevent you from actively listening. Instead, you must step back and consider the issues from the viewpoint of the other party. Make the assumption that if you were in their position, you would have reached the same decision and would not have been able to solve the issue any more quickly than they did. Being a good communicator can also enable you to learn more about the other person, which will improve your friendship with them.

Don't Respond Until The speaker has ended talking

Naturally, you can question the speaker to clarify anything you don't understand. Wait till the speaker takes a break before speaking, though. It is totally rude to interrupt the speaker and overflow him with your thoughts. This might come as an imposing nature from you that may make the speaker agitated at the wrong time. The consequences can amount from lessening of the talking time from the speaker to not talking at all.

Don't Judge, Be Humble

People will start opening up to you if you approach the conversation with the primary objective of learning their viewpoint, devoid of any judgement, since they will believe they can depend on your insights about any problem they face. Simply take the time to listen and consider the discussion from the other person's viewpoint rather than passing judgement on the person who is speaking. In addition to that, don't start offering a solution right away, sometimes the person just needs someone who can just listen.

Show Positive Body Language

Increase the conversation's enthusiasm by using your body language. Even if you are paying close attention, you still need to make eye contact with the speaker. Show that you care for the person through remembering the discussion and nod strongly when the speaker says something in the affirmative.

Remember the Conversation

Taking in what the other person has said is an essential component of being an amazing listener. It won't seem like you're paying attention if you can't recall any names, specifics, or significant occurrences.