Published By: Bono Sen

Tips to stop being over accommodative when the situation calls for it

Over accommodation draws manipulative people closer, here’s how to stop it!

We love being nice to people, don’t we? We love it when people appreciate us, because of our actions towards them. But how many of those people reciprocate the same towards us, have you ever thought about it? You may be thoughtful towards others, maybe great at caring for other people, but beware there are times when you should just say ‘No’. Here are a few tips to stop being over accommodative.

You are a human being: Making a mistake is fine

To err is human, have you heard of it? Yes, you have every right to be wrong, make mistakes and learn from them. If you realise that you just have situations that need your attention, due to which other high priority stuff is getting backlogged at all times. Stop, and move on to the priority-based tasks. No matter how much you want to do everything at once, it is okay to fail to do so once in a while.

Learn to say ‘No’: To anybody for most regular things

As you read this, if somebody calls for your attention, but you want to learn all the tips, just say ‘No’, unless it’s a disastrous situation. There will always be people needing your help, but it is not okay to get distracted from the chunk of work that was scheduled earlier.

It is okay to say ‘No’ to your colleagues: Tough, but be real

Yes, we understand the need to help people out in the office, it is serious work. But how many times have you either worked late or stretched yourself too much for your co-workers? It is okay to extend a helping hand once in a while but to make it an everyday practice is an absolute no-no. Firstly, it is not your share of work, is it? And you do have a life outside your office, enjoy it!

Saying ‘no’ to family, friends and partners: Very difficult, but you have to

Now, you need to tread this part a little bit cautiously. Family, friends and partners are emotionally tied with you in a relationship. But we have all witnessed people who have overworked themselves for these close relations and the relations have since become a burden to them. Nobody likes a burden, sooner or later you are bound to feel awful about it. So, it is in the best interests of all such relationships, that you sincerely with love decide to say ‘no’ sometimes instead of being over-accommodative.