Published By: Jayati


Recognizing the symptoms of self-deception may appear difficult, but it is not impossible to overcome!

Self-deception is perhaps one the more complicated fallacies of human nature, it is the process by which one’s brain feeds lies according to the situation. That particular person  faces this can be extremely dangerous considering that it might lead to extremely volatile problems that can easily go out of hand. Self-deception can lead to detrimental conditions in life. The severe consequences can range from hindrance in personal growth, as development and growth depend mainly on self-awareness, to affecting serious relationships in life as  self-deception attacking others, might seem justified and normal.

Justifying Impulsiveness is one of the Major Factors in Self Deception 

Self-deception can manifest in a myriad of ways one of them being, a person trying to justify an action that is clearly impulsive, as a well-thought-out and considered decision, this might lead to many unsavory incidents, like passing a knee-jerk reaction as a well-considered plan, this is one of the significant problems with self-deception.

Being Inconsiderate Towards Others

Self-deception not only harms the person indulging in it also harms others around them, being a self-deceptive person can cause a severe lack of concern for other people’s predicament, and it also makes people treat their closest allies with disregard, this leads to utter neglect and pain for anyone surrounding the person with self-deception.

A Tendency to Believe That others are Incorrect

One of the main reasons why self-deception is so harmful to the person suffering from it is that they have a tendency to believe that everyone who disagrees with them is wrong, this is also one of the most common things that a person going through it this feels, any argument or debate is impossible with a self-deceptive person as it is very hard for them to acknowledge that anyone other than them is right in any regard. Sometimes this behavior leads to the rejection of facts that might even be as clear as day to other people, this also leads to delusion within the person.

Justification for Intimidation and Bullying

Self-deception leads people to believe that something amoral or cruel can be justified because it fits within their idea of justice, this leads to a lot of crime, upon interviewing violent criminals it has been seen that a majority suffer from a delusion, self-deception, and warped view of reality. Perhaps the most notorious effect of self-deception can be seeing the world the way it is. this only causes harm to the person, but also makes them oblivious of the injustice and harm they themselves cause.