8 Easy Tricks to Get Preschoolers Fascinated In Math

8 cool tricks to clear your preschoolers understanding of math at the base level, and bettering their concept from the very beginning.

Math has been one of the most dreaded subjects in our childhood, and advanced tutoring did not make it any more attractive for us.

That moment you assumed you were finally released from the clutches of trigonometry, geometry and algebra, the responsibility of schooling little ones with math were vested on your shoulders!

Nightmare, isn’t it? Well don’t you despair, here are 8 simple tricks through which the youngsters can build a strong base for math which will help them develop a better interest in the subject.

  1. Count Household Objects-

Toddlers tend to ask a million questions and learn a lot with every passing day. As they comprehend little words and name their toys, make sure you teach them to count their stuff and belongings. Ask them how many playthings they have or how many chairs are there by the table. Inclusion of fun in math makes them like the subject at the very core and helps their raw minds grasp knowledge faster.

  1. Shape Hunt-

The basis of geometry lies in understanding shapes. All around us are objects divided into shapes that will help your child learn them faster. Play games with them in which they play tag with the shapes you name. If you say rectangle, they run to touch the window sills!

  1. Lunch Fractions-

The best way to teach your kids the base of fractions is to use food! A pizza with 8 slices will do the trick! You can give them a packet of brownie and ask them to divide it equally. This will also help them sort between even and odd numbers.

  1. Playing With Greater Than Lesser Than-

When going shopping, tell them the price of candies and ask them to take one with a price lesser than that. If something costs you 10 rupees, ask them to find some greater than 5 and lesser than five.

  1. Concept Of Zero-

We often teach kids numbers from 1, and later when we introduce them to 0, it’s too late for them to grasp the theory. Teach them the idea of 0 by giving them 10 cookies and telling them to provide you with 0 out of them.

  1. Measure While You Bake-

While you bake with kids, teach them how to measure. If it says half a cup of flour, make them do it to give them a better understanding of how to measure items according to scale.

  1. Art Patterns-

Encourage kids to draw patterns and fill in the colours in geometric shapes. The shapes and colours will give them a better perception of sides, corner and volume.

  1. Concept Of Time-

Teach them time through their daily activities. Let them tell you the time of waking up, going to bed and eating through an analogue watch. Let them tell you where the dials are, help them sort time on a toy time clock.

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