Published By: Satavisha

A Step-by-step Guide To Creating The Snatched Bun Look

From sky-high ponytails to snatched buns, some cool hairstyle trends from the past are making a comeback, and women are loving it!

The snatched bun look is our new hair crush. It is ideal for fancy events and work alike. Plus, this bun is extremely versatile. For the daytime, style it with a white shirt, and for the night, pair it with your stunning evening dress for that head-turning look. The snatched bun ensures an edgy Y2K vibe. But how to achieve that slicked-back, snatched bun without inducing an excruciating headache? We are spilling the beans to help you slay in that gorgeous hairdo.

Step 1: Sectioning is key

Begin by splitting your hair into two sections—either temple to crown or ear to ear. Repeat the same technique on both sides. Next, apply a product to snatch the strands with a gel, serum, wax, oil, or a hair spray. You may also use a leave-in conditioner to rehydrate your hair while maintaining that glamorous off-duty vibe.

Step 2: Use a hair-straightening tool

Next, straighten your strands by taking just one-inch section at once. But before running your flat iron, smear a heat-protectant serum on your hair to diminish the chances of hair damage while removing frizz and creating a cleaner and smoother finish. Remember to straighten your hair around the hairline and near the roots for a clean look.

Step 3: Use a hair oil

After straightening your hair, apply a hair serum or hair oil to secure shine and achieve a sleek look. Use a lightweight formula to ensure it does not make your hair sticky or greasy. Brush the product through to help distribute it evenly.

Step 4: Secure the bun

Now you have to secure the ponytail. The position of your ponytail plays a crucial role because you would not want your bun hanging too low near the nape or too high on your head. Try positioning it right at the centre of the backside of your head. After securing the perfect position, start bending and twisting your ponytail. Then, use a hair tie to wind around the bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins around the hair tie. Use a bungee hair tie to achieve a tight bun.

Step 5: Fix it!

Finally, ensure all the pins are concealed. Then, use a hair wax or gel to smoothen any flyaways or frizz around the hairline. You may also use a hair pomade to add shine and secure your hair.

You are now ready to rock like a glam queen.