Books by Indian authors that will fuel the creativity in children

They are simple to read and grip the kids’ attention quickly

The literary world is filled with books for children to read and get lost in the world of imagination. And India has plenty of authors acing narrations for children. While fairy tales and superhero stories have always been the point of fascination, over the years the dynamics of literature for children have changed. Here are some books by Indian authors that are a must for children to read.

Natasha Sharma

An award-winning author, Natasha Sharma has published 12 books. A Brand Manager turned author, Sharma’s first book was Icky Yucky Mucky published in 2012. The story of the book revolves around a king who has disgusting habits and is married to an equally ‘yucky’ queen. Her book Bonkers! won the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award for Asia and Middle East and her book Kaka and Munni is on the CBSE recommended reading list for schools. Her other books are Rooster Raga, What Should I Wear Today? Squiggle Takes a Walk – All About Punctuation, and Anaya’s Thumb.


Leaving behind the profession of information technology, author ArundhatiVenkatesh discovered her love for picture books for children in London along with her son. After joyfully reading through author AnushkaRavishankar’sMoin and the Monster with her son, Venkatesh heard her calling. Soon she began to develop children’s stories but in the Indian context. And with the childhood fascination for rakshasas and asuras, inspired her work. Her other books are Junior Kumbhakarna, Tiffin Thief, Petu Pumpkin Tooth Troubles, and Bookasura – The Adventures of Bala and the Book-eating Monster. The author has drawn inspiration from her childhood for her work.

Asha Nehemiah

The author has gauged the temperament of children well as her narrations are a mix of humour, fantasy as well as lots of adventure. Author Asha Nehemiah has the talent for writing narrations for children of all ages. Interesting fact, her work has been translated into Hindi, Tamil, Assamese, as well as Bengali. Some of her other works are The Runaway Wheel, Granny’s Sari, Zigzag, and Other Stories, MrsWolly’s Funny Sweater, Surprise Gifts, and Wedding clothes.


With a background in engineering and science, author RoopaRai has intelligently incorporated that into her writing for children.

The other Indian authors for children’s books are Ruskin Bond, Arup Kumar Dutta, Anu Kumar, R.K. Narayan, ParoAnand, Sudha Murthy, SubhadraSen Gupta, PoileSengupta, AnushkaRavishankar, ShobhaViswanath, DevduttPattanaik, and RanjitLal to name a few.

Nirtika Pandita

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