Published By: Satavisha

Five Cool Fantasy Worlds From Movies That We All Wish To Visit At Least Once

Is there any better way of breaking free from the everyday mundane life than mentally teleporting yourself to a fictional world from your favourite fantasy film?

The essence of the fantasy genre lies in escapism from the drudgery of life into a mystical kingdom full of gods, goddesses, strange divine prophecies, wish-granting magical creatures, and valiant Chosen Ones. The beloved fans of some of the most adored fantasy films often follow the fictional characters into their mystical settings and immerse in the fascination of venturing into the magical kingdom. Check out five cool fantasy worlds that we all wish to visit at least once.

Narnia from The Chronicles of Narnia

You can explore the nooks and crannies of Narnia through the film and seven books by C.S. Lewis. Narnia is full of unique mythical creatures like minotaurs, fauns, centaurs, sentient trees, talking animals, Santa Claus, and Aslan, the wisest advisor in Narnia. Even though Narnia is not free of conflict, battle, and evil, this fictional world ideally sets the tone for escapist fantasy.

Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland

An alternate dimension or drug-induced hallucination? Wonderland from Alice’s tale has featured in several cinematic adaptations, but the most popular is Disney’s animated classic from 1951 and its live-action reboot made in 2010. This mystifying world full of psychedelics and potions entices kids, as well as adults. Slide through the rabbit hole and chase the incessantly anxious rabbit, bargain with the Cheshire cat’s hypnotic grins, and annoy the snooty, blue caterpillar, Absolem.

Neverland from Peter Pan

The ever-appealing fantasy world where you will never have to fret about growing up - Neverland features fairies, pixies, mermaids, all the exploits procured by the Lost Boys, a crocodile who is determined to eat Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and his antics. Let us admit, at some point in time, we have all looked at the night sky, hoping to find Neverland with the belief that we can fly.

The Mind from Inside Out

Riley's mind seemed a brilliant location to explore, particularly because it houses several exciting zones. Apart from the Emotion Headquarters, it would be fun exploring her Dream Creation area, the Personality Islands, the Imagination Land, and also her Memory Dump and Subconscious mind if you are a thrill-loving traveller.

Middle-Earth from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien spent several decades skillfully crafting his classic fantasy. Middle Earth is Tolkien’s brainchild, and it was introduced in The Hobbit, which was supposed to be a children’s tale featuring dragons, dwarves, and magic. But this fantasy world gradually evolved in the Lord of the Rings saga.

These delightful fantasy worlds continue to entice both children and adults to believe in magic, miracles, and secret passages leading to mystical kingdoms.