Published By: Satavisha

Five Essential Maintenance Tips You Should Know To Care For Your Silk Sarees

Do you love wearing silk sarees? If you nodded in agreement, you must also know how to store and care for them.

Even though we do not style our silk saree very often, we all love them. It is probably because we spent a substantial amount of time picking them from a pile of other sarees for some special event and also because silk sarees are evergreen. Every fashion-conscious woman has at least one silk saree in their wardrobe, but do you know how to care for this extremely delicate garment? Here are some maintenance tips to ensure your silk sarees remain as fine as new.

Tips to store in the wardrobe

Proper storage plays a key role, since it can keep your silk looking brand new. So you must air-dry your silk saree after wearing them. Then gently fold and place them in a cotton bag to guarantee longevity. Individual sarees should be wrapped in cotton bags or soft muslin clothes and carefully stacked one over the other or hung on plastic hangers to avoid creases.

Tips to iron

When ironing silk, you should be extremely cautious because if you do it the wrong way, the fabric of your saree might lose its sheen. Always iron silk at a low temperature, and it would be better if you use a steam iron to avoid causing damage while removing all creases and wrinkles.

Change folds to prevent the fabric from getting frayed

Silk sarees tend to get worn out when stored inside the wardrobe for too long. So, you should occasionally pull them out of your wardrobe — after every 2 or 3 months — and keep them out to dry. Then alter the folds and preserve them like before.

Tips to remove stains

Stains on your favorite silk saree are no less than a nightmare. But there are ways of removing stains without causing damage to the fabric. The most trusted and best tool for removing stains from silk is petrol. Soak a lint-free cloth in petrol, and gently dab it over the stain for a few minutes and then wash it off. For removing stains caused by grease and sweat — dab liquid soap on the spot. To remove stains caused by oil — sprinkle talcum powder on the affected area and wash it off using a mild detergent.

When to avoid detergent

You can wash your silk sarees once after wearing them. But, when washing new silk sarees, consider using only plain water. Do not use detergents when washing silk sarees for the first two or three times.