Intriguing stories behind drinks that are named after people

Have you ever wondered why your favourite drink has such a quirky name? and why do they sound like people? Let’s find out.

It is quite simple to figure out the name of your favourite food or drink based on its ingredient. But if a drink is named Manhattan, you could figure out that maybe the drink was originated or popularized there. Then some drinks are named after people who may be famous, maybe not. These stories are quirky, fascinating, and sometimes even fictional. Here are some of the drinks that are named after real people.

Dom Perignon

It is widely believed that Benedictine monk Dom Perignon, known as Pierre to his friends was the creator of sparkling wines. But in reality, it is one of the popular myths that surround sparkling wines. He was though, a very important part in improving the process of production of the drink but his prowess was being a cellar master at an abbey that could overcome any imperfection in the quality of the wine. This widely circulated hoax about Dom Perignon was due to many claims made by Dom Grossard who happened to be the last treasurer, before the French Revolution of Perignon’s abbey.


For those of you who don’t know Giovanni Bellini is a famous Renaissance painter who is credited for some of the famous works such as Blood of Redeemer and The Agony in the Garden. And if you think that Bellini somehow has created or popularized Bellini then you are wrong, he was dead long ago the drink was even conceptualized. The drink was created by Giuseppe Cipriani who was the founder of the famous Harry’s bar in Italy. In the 1930s or 40s, he added a twist to his prosecco and added white peach puree. The hue created in the drink was somewhat similar to some of Bellini’s famous works. So, Cipriani named the cocktail after Bellini.

Tom Collins

In the year 1874, New Yorkers were enjoying a mass prank that was circulated in and around New York in which they would tell their friend that a man named Tom Collins was speaking nasty about him or is spreading some rumours in a bar nearby. This made people rush to the nearby bar and demand to see Tom Collins. The bartender of the said bar was so sick of this prank that he made this refreshing drink and whenever anyone came to see Tom Collins, he was treated with this drink.

So, which one is your favourite drink?