Some of the most expensive wood in the world

These woods are used for musical instruments, art, cooking utensils, and even some fine pencils.

Humans have always used wood from times immemorial. It has been the staple of civilization from the time man learned to use twigs of a tree to light up the fire to making musical instruments and furniture out of the wood, man has come a long way. It won’t be wrong to say that the wood, fuelled man’s creativity and contributed a lot to the story of the progression of human civilization. Several factors determine the cost of the wood but its rarity contributes a lot to its cost. Apart from it, durability, usage, and exceptionality are also some of the factors that add up to the cost of the wood. Here are some of the most expensive woods in the world


This wood is known for its characteristic dark colour and is very resistant which makes it very long-lasting. Ebony is used in things like comb musical instruments, cups, knives and is found in Africa. Its rarity makes it one of the costliest woods in the world and is priced at 10,000 dollars for every kilogram.


This wood is found in Western African countries such as Angola, Gabon, and Congo. It is used in furniture, decorative panelling, and flooring which makes it versatile. Interestingly, you can turn it into different shades of red by putting a Tung on it. This wood is comparatively less costly than other woods mentioned on the list.


One of the most expensive woods in the world, Sandalwood is grown in parts of Southern India, Australia, Indonesia and comes in different colours and hues such as red, brown, dark grey. Sandalwood is used in cosmetics, perfumes, furniture, carving, and much more and is quite durable and rare. Unfortunately, its rarity has encouraged illegal harvesting which made it even rarer. But countries like India have taken many strict steps to protect this rare tree and even prevent its export to preserve it.

Pink Ivory

This rare wood is found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Its exclusiveness can be known from the fact that long back, only a Zulu King can use pink Ivory wood, and those who used it were given the death penalty. The experts compare this wood with diamonds and it is rightly so as its price starts with 10,000 dollars per kilogram. It is used in carving, billiard cues, knife handles, etc.

So, here are some of the most expensive woods in the world, share this trivia with your peers and friends.