Some of the popular unexplained phenomenon

Thanks to science, we have answers to almost everything. But do we really have answers to everything?

In older times, the man wondered about many things like why is the sky blue? What exactly are stars? What is beyond the realm of the earth? Is our earth round or flat? Thanks to science, we have answers to almost everything. But there still are many things, events, and phenomenon that still remains unexplained.

Raining animals instead of water

There have been many events all across the world where animals such as frogs, worms, fishes, and even snakes have fallen from the sky. Many believe that these animals are lifted to the sky through tornadoes or waterspouts but there is nothing that can prove it. While this theory sounds quite plausible but many times these animals fall from the sky when the weather is clear and perfect which means no chance of tornados and waterspouts. So, why does it happen? No one is quite sure!

Existence of Big Foot

Many people across the world have claimed to have seen a manlike beast known as Bigfoot. Several conspiracy theories are floating around Bigfoot, some say that he is a type of sloth, some say he is alien or even a caveman. But experts and scientists have not been able to find pieces of evidence such as bones or teeth despite their numerous sightings. Though many people claim to have photographed Big Foot scientists refused to treat it as a piece of evidence. So, is Big Foot real or imaginary, we don’t know yet!

The famous Taos Hum

A town in New Mexico named Taos is popularly known for its celebrities and artists community. But the town is also known for another thing named “Taos Hum”. This strange phenomenon is popular throughout the city where people claim to hear a strange noise in the place and the reason why it is strange is that only 2 percent of the population can hear this mysterious noise and those who have heard it describe it differently. Many experts have tried using multiple equipments to pick up the noise but science is yet to give a conclusive answer to this question.

The near-death experiences

We have all heard about people coming back from death and narrating stories about their experiences. Some of them see a tunnel with bright light while others often meet their loved ones who have passed away. But science is not able to explain how it happens and why people experience such things.

Do you know any other unexplained phenomenon?