Some popular St. Patrick’s Day traditions

This day is not merely about celebrating the patron saint of Ireland but is also about demonstrating Irish pride and welcoming the spring season after enduring the winter blues. Here are some famous St. Patrick’s Day traditions to celebrate March 17th!

 Rocking and drowning Shamrocks

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day décor and dress, Shamrock places a vital role. The plant was declared the Irish national symbol in 1726 and plant leaf is worn by the people in their hat on the 17th of March each year. This three-leaved grass symbolizes the Holy Trinity and is revered by people. Drowning of the Shamrock is also considered to be a good luck charm!

Finding leprechauns

There are some legends behind leprechauns and they are believed to be linked to spirits and fairies. These mythical magical beings are linked to water spirits, ‘luchorpan’, who are said to be tiny shoemakers as per the Irish folklore. Leprechauns are believed to be males and legends claim you can find them if you closely follow the taps of their cobbler’s hammers.

 Wearing green and blue

Leprechauns are the reason why we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. They are allegedly colour blind to green colour and can’t see humans if they are wearing emerald or chartreuse shades. But historically colour blue was more closely associated with St Patrick’s day than green. St. Patrick was seen wearing blue and this colour was also used as Ireland’s first coat of arms.

 Enjoying Irish music and step dancing

Music is a hallmark of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, be it the Dropkick Murphys or traditional Celtic chants. Moreover, the famous Riverdance, Irish step dancing is something that is closely associated with the day.

 The parades of St. Patrick’s Day

The first American St. Patrick’s Day parade can be traced way back to 1760 in Boston. The major parades happen in Chicago and New York City. Ireland features these parades in Dublin and Belfast. These celebratory parades include marchers seen in traditional attires, Irish music, and colours matching the Irish flag, green, white, and orange.

All of this makes St. Patrick’s Day such an event globally and we all love a festival that represents good vibes, spirits, and loads of happiness, don’t we? So, how many of you have witnessed the magic of St. Patrick’s Day yet?