Published By: Mumpy Chakraborty

5 Personality differences between Men and Women

Though we all are equal in the cerebral aspect, there are some significant differences in their personalities.

Human psychology is the most complex subject of all. No one has been able to define it fully. All we study are the trends and patterns we have seen in people. And from that, we have concluded several personality or psychological behaviours. For example, we know every individual is different, and their thought process, conciseness, and body language are different. However, still, we have managed to find a similarity between groups of people depending on their age, region, and gender. So, for example, if we talk about the two genders, male and female, we will find significant similarities in each group and differences among the two groups. We all know men and women are different biologically, but there are significant differences in their personalities. And these differences are as follows:

Recognition of facial display

Men and women can recognize the facial displays, but where the women are found to be better at recognizing facial displays of disgust, men are good at identifying happiness. The reason that has been given is that as women are the child-bearer, they are more sensitive towards potential contaminants in their environment and might, therefore, be more likely to identify signals of disgust.

Extroverts of both genders feel different emotions.

Both women and men as extroverts share many common emotions, but still, there is a significant difference in feel. Although both seek the same attention, have a similar energy, and have social networks, both feel different romantically. A recent study has found that women extraverts are less likely to experience romantic happiness and have less likely to have a high degree of occupational commitment compare to their male counterparts.

Women are more into work.

According to a study it has found that men spend more time relaxing than women. Men, on average, engaged in approximately 113 minutes of daily leisure activities while women totalled about 101 minutes. At this rate, men spend an extra hour and a half per week, or an additional 70 hours per year, engaging in leisure activities. But where men spend more time in leisure activities, women enjoy their leisure activities more than men.

Women are better at communicating than men.

In another research, it has been observed that men are significantly more likely to speak in the abstract language than women. This means men's speech focuses on the broader picture and ultimate purpose of action rather than focusing on details and the means of attaining action. In contrast, women are more constructive and transparent while communicating.

Both the genders feel loneliness at different stages of life.

It has been observed that men experience more loneliness earlier in life, while women experience more loneliness later. Where the men in their mid-life were found more lonely, women were found experiencing more loneliness in their old age.