Adorable movies about the sibling bonds that you can enjoy with your family

Love them, hate them but life is incomplete without them. Our films have also explored many sides of this sweet relationship in many movies.

It is believed that the relationship between siblings is no doubt close but is quite complex also. Love, rivalry, respect, resentment are all intertwined with each other. So, when it comes to depicting the bond on the silver screens, filmmakers have a lot of stories to tell which explores many facets of this relationship. Here are some of the movies that highlight and shed a light on the wonderful world of siblings.

10 things I hate about you

The plot was adapted from the famous play of Shakespeare named “The Taming of the Shrew”. The movie explores the relationship of two sisters Bianca and Kate. Bianca is a popular queen bee and Kate is not even close. But things don’t go nicely for Bianca who has to set her romantic idea aside till Kate gets a boyfriend. So, much is done to get Kate her Prince Charming, who is played by charming Heath Ledger. The thing that would get to you is how relatable it is to live with an achiever and a star sibling and how both sisters eventually grow in their relationship.


The iconic team of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are sisters who are in their forties but are experiencing Peter Pan syndrome. Even though they are almost middle-aged but there is still a lot growing up they have to do. When they come to know that their parents are selling their childhood home, they just want one last party before the house is sold. But as the house gets trashed, the girls have to not only fix the house but mend their own relationship as well. And in the process learn some valuable lessons too.

Grave of Fireflies

This gem from Studio Ghibli is not a very happy movie but it does explore the deep love between two young siblings who are struggling after the harrowing consequences of the second world war. Isao Takahata’s genius filmmaking gave a new lease of life to the story of Seita and his younger sister Setsuko who are orphaned and have nowhere else to go. When the world is a lonely place, they become each other’s strength and Seita has to grow up and be an adult for his kid sister. Watch it for the raw, heartwarming, and at the same time heartbreaking story which would tear you up.

Which one of these you would like to see first?