Fictional characters whose name you might not know

We love them, and we think that we know them, but do we?

There are certain names and faces that we are just familiar with. For example, we all know who Barbie is, but do we know her full name? Or what is the name of the bird in the Twitter logo? Probably not. Now it is your big chance to change that and know more about your favourite fictional character.

The doughboy on Pillsbury products

The famous doughboy we see on Pillsbury’s products have a name. It is Poppin Fresh, which was invented by a copywriter named Rudy Perez in the year 1965. Poppin Fresh was a nod to the freshness and quality of the product. And that is not all; Poppin Fresh has a wife named Poppie Fresh and two children Popper and Bun Bun. To complete this cute family, they have a family cat and dog named Biscuit and Flapjack.

The policeman in the Monopoly board game

Remember the name we cursed out loud whenever we landed on “Go directly to jail”? Now, we know the name of the guy who is to be blamed for our condition. Yes, we are talking about the cop that owns that part of Monopoly. His name is officer Edgar Mallory. So, next time, you know whom to curse.


Barbie, every girl’s fashion icon and best friend, has a full name. Barbie is a nickname that just stuck. Her real name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, who is lovingly called Barbie. She was named after co-creators Ruth and Elliot Handler’s daughter, Barbara, in the year 1959.

Winnie the Pooh

So, you thought that the adorable bear we love is called Winnie, the Pooh? Wrong! His name is Edward bear. His nickname happens to match with creator A.A. Milne’s son’s favourite teddy bear.


The adorable and quirky alien whowe all know as Alf from the 80s hit sitcom “Alf” has a name. If you thought that Alf was his real name, you are greatly mistaken. In fact, Alf is an acronym that stands for “Alien Life Form”. The real name of the character is Gordon Shumway.


The main character from Archie and his friends. He is most loveable, smart and a big foodie but, his parents did not name him Jughead. Jughead is a nickname, and his real name is Forsythe P.Jones III.

Which one of these surprised you the most?