Published By: Satavisha

Five Mind-Blowing Planets of the Star Wars Universe That We Would Love To Visit

The distant galaxy of Star Wars is home to numerous fascinating and stunning planets. Like any other popular space opera, the most appealing element of Star Wars is its alluring alien vistas.

The vast Galaxy of star Wars is far more expansive than many fans realize. The franchise, through its T.V. shows, films, comic books, and games, has revealed to fans a wide range of phenomenal planets - adding more richness. But sadly, some breathtaking planets only enjoyed a handful of appearances. With innumerable planets to pick from, we have carefully curated a list of five planets that redefine Galactic brilliance.


The fantastical world of Lothal first appeared in Star Wars: Rebels. It is the native planet of Ezra Bridger and his band of rebels. This small world is located on the outer rim, featuring grassland plains, icy regions, small regional cities, and spired rock formations. Lothal has a rich history with the Jedi, and it is the ideal world to kick start this list.


Kamino is a water world where creatures appearing like Giant manta rays can be spotted flying up out of the sea. The inhabitants of Kamino are not a natively aquatic species - they have thin, long limbs, but they reside in elegant fortresses by the endless ocean. It is also the planet where the Clone Army of the Republic was created. This unique planet was not always an aquatic world - an ecological disaster at some point caused the level of water to rise, forcing the land-based civilization to adjust to new conditions.

Cato Neimoidia

Cato Neimoidia is an exotic location, mostly because of its alien architecture - upside-down skyscrapers, city-sized bridges, and dramatic arcs of cities and towns depict an industrial jungle. This planet looks unique for being covered with acidic seas, and the colonists had to construct string bridges to have an optimum surface area in their cities.


Felucia is a bizarre planet that is dominated by fungus life and giant plants. It is covered with mountain-sized blossoms and giant mushrooms. This world may appear beautiful, but it is certainly not the safest. Felucia has featured in several media forms, including The Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith, and a few videogames. It is also the site where Jedi Master Aayla Secura died. Felucia also served as the vicious battlefield of the clone wars.


Naboo is hands down one of the best planetary addition to the series. The planet has multiple landscapes - it has thick jungles, lush green grasslands, and underwater kingdoms that fill the interior of the planet. The surface of Naboo is dominated by the city of Theed with Renaissance-like architecture. This planet is gorgeous beyond belief.

This mix of magical and mundane worlds set the motion for the popularity of Star Wars for the next fifty years and beyond.