Mistakes you might not have noticed in these blockbuster movies

Movies just don’t mesmerize us with the great storyline, and amazing acting skills but sometimes some slips or mistakes are just as entertaining.

Many times, some mistakes even escape the vigilant eyes of the editors

We all know that movies are not reality but most filmmakers go out of their way to make the movies a reality. Some of the movies are so well-made that you start to believe the story and the vision manifested by the filmmakers such as Avatar, The Lord of the Rings, etc. But many times, some mistakes escape the probing and vigilant sight of even the most perfectionist editors.

The hand that shouldn’t have been there.

In the iconic movie, Jurassic Park, there is a scene where giant velociraptors chase Tim Murphy and Lex through the kitchen. While most of us were biting our nails in horror, many keen-eyed audiences noticed an anomaly in the scene. It was the presence of an unsuspecting hand. Turns out that mistakes escape even the eyes of genius like Spielberg. After many rewatches, we are convinced that in one of the scenes you could see the hand of a crew member who is holding on to velociraptors to keep him steady. Now that is one unstable beast!

The grip that was meant for an ace archer.

In the movie “The Hunger Games”, we see the progression of the story with Katniss Everdeen picking up the bow and arrow. We all laud how bravely she is charging ahead but experts would tell you that no matter who cinematic that shot is, her grip on the bowstrings was not correct. Expert archers even pointed out that had she gripped the bowstring so close to her face, her nose would have cut off. Turns out Jennifer Lawrence, even took a lesson on archery from a professional archer.  But we must agree on one thing, she was not supposed to be an ace archer, instead, she just needed to look good and powerful.

What are you eating for breakfast, pretty women?

All-time favourite romantic classic movie, Pretty women have always touched the strings of our heart. For example, in the movie, when Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward woke up in the morning, they are presented with a ginormous amount of breakfast which they happily devour. But in the scene, you find Julia Roberts eating croissants a moment earlier, and then she is shown eating a pancake.

So, what are some movie mistakes you have encountered?