Movies that left audiences completely confused

Even after watching them several times, we are still scratching our heads.

We all love a relaxing and enjoyable movie that has a straightforward story and ending. We know characters, their backstories and their circumstances which leads to an engaging climax and a satisfactory ending. But we are not talking about such movies in this article. We are talking about the other kind of movie, which does have an engaging storyline that keeps you hooked till the end. The only downside to these movies is their confusing endings. These endings are so head-scratching that can make you go “huh”.

The Shining

In the movie, the crazy writer Jack Torrance played brilliantly by Jack Nicholson, gets lost in a maze during a snowstorm and ultimately is frozen to death. In the final shot of the movie, we see a photo in the hallway of the hotel from the year 1921, which shows Jack in the centre. So, what does that means? Why is that photo there, and most importantly, who exactly is Jack Torrance? Is he a long-lost soul stuck in the hotel? What happened to his wife and child? All ofthese questions haunt your movie long after the movie has ended.


Inception has ignited a discussion from the time it was released. And that is about its open ending. We are all told in the movie that a spinning top that stops signifies that an event is happening in real-life but if it is a dream, the spinning top would keep on spinning. But in the final scene of the movie, we see an emotional Di Caprio is reunited with his children in their home. But to complicate matters we see a spinning top at the end, and that is where the movie ends. So, what happened? Did Cobb really is reunited with his children in reality, or it is still a dream? nobody knows!

The Wrestler

The best and sometimes worst part of the movie is the fact that the audiencesgets to choose the ending. Randy Robinson goes against the doctor’s advice to not wrestle again. He starts to experience those chest pains,and, in the process, he still manages to leap off the top robe and hits the opponent with Ram Jam move. So, what happens after that? Did he die after finishing with his special Ram Jam move or finishthe match and survive? What happened if he survived? Did he reconcile with his love and daughter? We might never know.

So, which movie left you feeling confused?