Published By: Satavisha

Some Marvel Superheroes Who Do Not Possess Any Special Powers

As uncle Ben would say, “With great powers comes great responsibility,” - but what if a superhero has no special power and have to depend on other styles of combat?

The word superhero typically conjures up visuals of crime fighters in costumes and capes, capable of incredible feats. They are generally good at flying, possess immense strength and can project blasts of radiation or energy from a specific part of their bodies, and carry out various other superhuman acts. Sadly, if you stereotype all Marvel heroes this way, several great heroes might get missed out. Some of the most powerful superheroes of Marvel cannot perform any of the aforementioned actions. Below are some ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things.

Black Widow

Black Widow, without a second thought, is one of the best assassins in the Marvel Universe. She received her training from the Russian Government as a part of their Black Widow program, and she emerged as one of the deadliest fighters that Marvel could ever produce. She is also proficient at handling all firearms, which is why, she is the most feared and valuable asset to the Avengers.

Ant-Man And The Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp have superpowers in the Marvel comics that keeps changing from time to time - but in MCU, they are ordinary people with special suits. In fact, Scott Lang was not even a skilled fighter until he began training with Hope. Their special suits do not just allow them to significantly alter their size but also enable Hope to fly and Scott to communicate with ants. But the duo’s contribution (especially Scott’s) in defeating Thanos is unforgettable.


Daredevil has no superpowers, but he has heightened senses. He feels and hears well. Daredevil acquired his heightened senses after accidentally getting exposed to some toxic chemicals. The chemicals blinded his vision but made all his other senses superior. He uses his heightened senses to fight his enemies.

War Machine

War Machine barely got any chance to shine well, but the MCU films would not have been the same without his presence and the same applies to the comics. The armour of War Machine was designed by Tony Stark, his best friend. Apart from Stark, it is only James Rhodes who best knows how to operate and fly in the suits.

Iron Man

Tony Stark is way more than just an ordinary man in a fancy, high-tech metal suit. His most valuable asset is his intelligence. He is the avenger who discovered the secret of time travel, and without him, Thanos would have still been alive and breathing.

So now you know Marvel has many superheroes who do not possess super-strength, are not super fast, or have a supernatural healing factor but are still special in other ways.